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Southenwood Herb

We began our medicinal herb garden this year and are proud to now have over 200 culinary and medicinal herbs. The mayor of our town rightly noted that this is singular in Austria. Today, I would like to write about the plant below as it lacked a label, unlike most of our other herbs, and my husband asked me what it is. We have since found the label (see below).

Southernwood/Artemisia Aboratanum/Ebberaute

In French, Southernwood is known as garderobe. It has a strong lemoncamphor-like smell and was used as a strewing herb, an air freshener, and to keep moths away, hence the French name. Church goers would sniff Southernwood to keep awake at surmons and judges and prison administrators also used it to prevent contagion from convicts.

In addition to moths, Southernwood discourages other insects, like bees, too. It is therefore good to place it in parts of the garden when people sit.

Its branches are also used to produce yellow die, for teas pastries and puddings.

Southernwoord is colloquially known as Lad's Love. It's Latin name also gives its other uses away since Artemis was the greek virgin goddess that watched over women. Artemis was a powerful courting aid for the inarticulate lad. A batchelor would place it in his buttonhole to show that he was ripe for marriage.

The versitile Southernwood is an air freshener, tea and powerful courting aid.

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