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Exceptional Organic Produce


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Bio Gemüse Wimmer benefits from natural spring water which enhances the quality of  our organic fish including our char. Char (Salvelinus) is a cold-water fish, a genus of the Salmonidae family. It is native to the alpine region and while similar to trout, it is far more superior in taste, quality and texture. 


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Tench is colloquially known as ‘The Doctor’. Folklore has it that when fish are injured, one observes them brushing against The Doctor. The slimy substance tench produce is said to have healing properties for other fish. No wonder ur stocks are so healthy! Physicians actually recognised the slime for its dermatological qualities at one point. 


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One of the uses we put our organic herbs on the farm to is Gravlax. Using the finest Scottish Salmon (or lax), our product is buried (from the Scandinavian gräva) with our secret blend of curing ingredients. It makes a delicious appetiser when served with honey glazed mustard sauce as we do at the restaurant.


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Carp tend to sell cheaply owing to their unfortunate reputation of being a muddy flavoured fish. Ours is unparalleled. Such is its taste that it is now a tradition each autumn or whenever family is at the farm for our dear friend Hans to cook breaded carp and  Rettich Salat (raddish salad). 


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Burbot is almost eel-like in appearance and texture, close to extinction if not already extinct in countries like the UK. Burbot liver is six times the size of a similar freshwater fish. It is colloquially known as "The Lawyer" for an account because it's as slimy as a lawyer and secondly, that his little heart is right next to his back end.



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Our best selling smoked fish is cured in our secret blend of ingredients before subjecting it to smoking right here at Bio Gemüse Wimmer.

Our produce is delivered to our restaurant, zum Eulenspiegel, in Salzburg Old Town

5020 Salzburg | Hagenauerplatz 2, Getreidegasse

Opposite Mozart's Birthhouse

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