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As with other produce, our mushrooms are seasonal. We harvest a huge variety

which are available for sale both fresh and preserved. 



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My neighbour, Seigi, farms bees which have not been able to resist the temptation of our recently expanded herb gardens. Never one to miss the latest gadget, my wife has recently ordered ordered a Flow Hive along with a ‘fencing suit’ and smoker so we will once again farm bees in Bio Gemüse Wimmer.



Coming Soon

We will once again begin producing our goats cheese which goes down well with our figs. 

Eier_Biogemüse Wimmer


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We sell freshly laid chicken and quail eggs. Our chickens are the araucana variety that produce pale green eggs. The eggs, with their bright yellow yolk, are reportedly said to be low in cholesterol and are delicious.


Both our chickens and quails are incubator hatched right here on our farm in Pucking.


Liquor in a wood box


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 Our farm churns out so many fruit trees each year, its difficult to know what to do with them. Pears, the sweetest cherries you ever tasted, and a assortment of berries are all collected each year, destined for our distillery or for fermenting. Having planted grapes recently and having harvested bucket loads last year, we have our eyes sent on wine next.


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For Sale

We have ducks and geese that must taste cucumberish as they ate so much of the stuff at the end of the season. Whenever they saw us coming they would flap their wings to gain speed and rush for their favourite. We have the Mularden and Dänenenten variety of ducks. Our ducks and geese are let to roam our greenhouses at the end of the season to hoover up the free fall.

Our produce is delivered to our restaurant, zum Eulenspiegel, in Salzburg Old Town


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