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As a famer, I like to get to the root of things so let us start from the very beginning of a story about one of the oldest organic farms in the world, in Austria, and certainly the oldest in its region. My name in Walter, Walter Ritzberger-Wimmer, an Austrian with a passion for hospitality. I have run the Eulenspiegel (loosely translated as the owl and mirror), with its fair share of ups and downs, for over 30 years now. What we at the Eulenspiegel pride ourselves on is the fact that most of our produce is organic and a fair share comes directly from our farm which lies within an hour of Salzburg. The synergy therefore existed long before it became fashionable for restaurants to own farms. 


Bio Gemüse Wimmer is one of the oldest organic farms in the world thanks to my father, Raimund Wimmer, a very wise man. Having fought for seven years in the Second World War in Russia, he returned to Austria alive and in one piece, but was scarred by the experience. He despised waste, he despised conflict but most of all he despised chemicals and wanted nothing to do with them. Shortly before the war, a growing number of famers in and around Austria were waking up to the effects agriculture advancements were having on the soil, the quality of their produce and its nutrients and their livestock and environment.


My father turned to what we in Austria term ‘bio’ farming, the origins of organic farming. As early as the 1950s, Raimund Wimmer was selling organic vegetables and fruits to the General Hospital in Linz. He registered the farm as organic in 1966. As a philanthropist, Raimund Wimmer set up a local tennis and football club and the award below, given to the latter, is testimony to the farms official ‘bio’ status by the 1960s. Wimmer eventually became Vice-Mayor of Pucking.


When I took over the Eulepsiegel in 1989, I was resolved to offer my guests, not only hearty, delicious meals but also meals composed of the best produce from known sources. It gives me great pleasure that Bio Gemüse Wimmer is the main supplier to the restaurant today. From vegetables to fish, liquors to cut flowers, the farm is the shoulder on which the restaurant leans.


Our success over the last 30 years owes to the quality of our produce. 'Organic' is not just a certification for us, it is our philosophy. Our goods can be purchased on site and the farm restaurant offers delicious healthy organic food from the farm. Join us, take a tour too and learn where and how your food is grown.

IMG_1705 (1).jpg

My parents, Raimund Wimmer and Elisabeth Ritzberger


That's me under the apple trees at the farm


My sister and I had such a happy healthy childhod

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That's me in the 80s as a GM and the farm football team's award

Our produce is delivered to our restaurant, zum Eulenspiegel, in Salzburg Old Town


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